Study With Allan

About Allan Meyerson
I have been playing and teaching saxophone, flute and clarinet professionally since 1969.  Born in New York City, I had the opportunity to study with some of the greatest musicians in the world.  Over the years, I've played and recorded with music legends and performed with symphonies, shows, jazz, and pop bands.
I am proud of my legacy of students, many of which have gone on to prestigious schools, and are now, teaching and performing professionally.

My Teaching Style

I don't assume anything when taking on a new student. It takes me only one lesson to understand your musical abilities and plan an approach to your musical journey. Every student is an individual with different needs, so their lesson path varies from everyone else. My style is to gently guide you in the right direction to be the best musician you can be, while having fun doing it. I don't teach songs. I teach you to be able to play any song you want on your instrument.

Virtual Lessons Are Available


  • Beginner
    • Assembly of instrument and care.
    • Tone production.
    • Reading basic notation and rhythms and music theory.
    • Progressive studies bases on age and experience.
  • Intermediate
    • Music reading skills.
    • More complex rhythms.
    • Tone production over the entire accepted range of instrument.
    • Major and minor scales.
    • Advanced notation and symbols.
  • Advanced
    • Complicated music and rhythms.
    • Advanced fingering combinations.
    • Advanced studies from music literature.
    • Overtones and altissimo range (saxophone).
    • Jazz improvisation (any instrument).



  • Ages
    • 8 - 108
  • Have a working instrument.
  • Have access to the internet and a computer or device with a microphone and camera.

Instruments Taught

  • All Flutes
  • Piccolo
  • All Clarinets
  • All Saxophones