The Quartet

The Allan Meyerson's Quartet consists of guitar, bass, drums and of course Allan on the winds. The quartet can deliver the most demanding rhythms and still keep the integrity of melodies and solos.

With a talented rhythm section they can play the most romantic ballads or ramp it up to the funkiest pulse.  With the quartet setting the band can modify any song in our repertoire to meet the needs of the venue.  The Allan Meyerson Quartet is adaptable for restaurants, large and small clubs, shows, pubs, gatherings, openings,  receptions, or cocktail hours.

The Trio

Sometimes the music needs to be refined and more subdued.  The The Allan Meyerson Trio can provide exciting jazz without the drive of percussion.  With provides a solid rhythmic foundation on bass, the trio can provide the pulse of the music with more subtleties than drums.  The trio is great for smaller venues where a larger group isn't needed.  Small restaurants, bistros, pubs, gatherings, openings,  receptions or cocktail hours are perfect for this size group.  The repertoire is almost the same as the quartet but altered to fit the occasion.

The Quintet

Allan's favorite combination of musicians, the quintet, adds the percussion of Hector Rosado. With the full quintet you'll find it hard to sit still. All the jazz of the quartet, but, the addition of more possibilities that include Cuban and African rhythms.

Need More?

Allan Meyerson can expand his group to as many as seven pieces and even include vocalists. Contact Allan for more information about what jazz can do for your venue or event.

Current and Past Band Members

Paul DemarestPaul Demarest - Guitar

Bernard EnglandBernard England - Bass

Vernon MobleyVernon Mobley - Drums

Hector RosadoHector Rosado - Percussion

Don PlowmanDon Plowman - Drums

Gary RissmillerGarry Rissmiller - Drums

Dennis GueveraDennis Guevera - Piano

Tony MarinoTony Marino - Bass

Gene PerlaGene Perla - Bass



Allan MeyersonAllan Meyerson
Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet